Parking Lot: SOLSC Day 21

People often joke that Subaru Outbacks are the “official car of Vermont.” As a kid, I longed for my family to fit in with other families by owning a Subaru. There really are a lot of them here. When I Iived in New York City, every time I saw a Subaru Outback, I would have a sharp little pang of homesickness.

Now, I own a silver Outback. What you see here happens to me a lot. It happened to me yesterday, as a matter of fact, and when I was scrolling through Facebook later in the day, a friend posted that something similar had happened to her—followed by a string of comments from local friends sharing their similar experiences of hopping in the wrong car, trying to unlock other people’s cars, waving to strangers driving by in cars that match friends’ cars, and so on. I guess I’ve finally accomplished my dream of fitting in.

To create this comic I was surprised at how challenging it was to use color. Most of my comics so far have either been black-line outlines, or just very spare amounts of color. I like the way the cars and the grocery cart came out — but I don’t love the grocery store or the person I drew. There’s a lot I plan to do differently next time.


My Two Writing Teachers colleagues and I are hosting the 12th Annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Hundreds of teachers participate in creating a story per day. My goal is to create a comic per day. To see all my comics, click here.