Emergent Storybook List for Ordering

This list compiles classics as well as newer titles to use for a particular method of reading aloud to children, called emergent storybook reading. Emergent storybook reading fosters a love of language and books as well as an early understanding of what it means to be a reader.

Favorite Read-Alouds to Start the Year for All Ages

This is a list of books for establishing a community of students who care about and support one another as readers, writers, and as human beings in the world. Topics include kindness and friendship, overcoming fear, building agency and resilience, as well as supporting the writerly & readerly life.

Favorite Writing Workshop Mentor Texts for All Genre

This list includes personal narrative, memoir, informational writing, how-to's, persuasive texts, poetry and more. I use these books as mentor texts -- familiar books that I refer to again and again as models for my own writing, and for children's writing.